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how sad...

Feb. 13th, 2009 | 04:25 am

you'll be missed monique...

God Bless you and your family

pokus ng pandiwa (as recalled by a now biri biri light me)

Feb. 10th, 2009 | 02:14 pm

matandang issue na,
hindi naman sa inuungkat but i just realized that i wasn't able to write a blog about it pa...
it wasn't funny then but i find it soooo hilarious now...hahahahaha
focus tel, focus.. hehe

4S 2004

Dec. 18th, 2008 | 01:42 am

tara christmas party tayo! keri nyo lang mga 27-28 kung overnight sa isang resort or 27/28 kung dinner lang sa bahay? (pero mas okay sana yung resort for more bonding momemts yun nga lang ubiiiiir laamiiiiiig nyan so baka wala ring magswim pero kebs na decor na lang yung pool ganyan )

letlet, magrereply dapat ako sayo sa text pero nawalan ako ng load....paumanhin dukha ako these days... so ano, game? ito so far yung rates sa resorts na napagtanungan ko:

1. Bretsch and Barrie (antipolo)
 - 12 hours
 - 6,500
 - 26 pax, 350 for every excess
 - pool. function hall, kitchen (additional charge 400 pag ginamit yung utensils, kawali etc)

2. Scrapyard (angono)
- rates: (pool)
    9AM-5pm - 100
    5pm-12mn - 120
    5pm-5am - 250

- room rates:
    8 pax: 2500
    4 pax: 2,300 / 2,000 / 1500
    2 pax: 1000
*check out 11 AM
- private pool: good for 50-60 people
    9AM-5PM: 5000
    5PM-5AM: 8000
    5PM-12MN: 6000
 * no rooms, just 4 cottages

3. 3B resort (antipolo)
    - 4500
    - 12 hours
    - bahay bakasyunan
    - pool
    - stove / kitchen
    - + 500: unlimited videoke

4. cattleya fam resort (antipolo)


 Day Rate (9am-5pm) 

 Night Rate (7pm-7am)
 Pool #1  P8,000  P8,500
  1. Large Pool, Kiddie Pool and Jacuzzi, Children's Playground 
  2. 4 Large Bedrooms (3 aircon) Villa, 4 Bathrooms, Kitchen, Barbecue Area
  3. FREE use of Videoke
  4. Capacity: 40 people
  5. P14,500 for 9am-7am straight slot
 Pool #2   P8,000  P8,500
  1. Large Pool, Kiddie Pool and Jacuzzi
  2. 4 Bedroom (4 aircon) Villa, 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen, Barbecue Area
  3. FREE use of Videoke
  4. Capacity: 40 people
  5. P14,500 for 9am-7am straight slot
 Pool #3
  P5,000  P5,500
  1.  Large Pool, Kiddie Pool, Children's Playground
  2. 1 (aircon) Bedroom Villa, 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen, Barbecue Area
  3. FREE use of Videoke
  4. 3 Bahay Kubo
  5. Capacity: 40 people
  6. P9,500 for 9am-7am straight slot
 Pool #4
P7,000  P7,500
  1. Large Pool, Kiddie Pool, Jacuzzi, Children's Playground 
  2. 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen, Barbecue Area
  3. 2 Bahay Kubo (1 w/ aircon)
  4. FREE use of Videoke
  5. Capacity: 40 people
  6. P12,500 for 9am-7am straight slot


  1. There is an extra P100/head beyond the published capacity
  2. Bringing your own food and drinks is allowed
***biased ako gusto ko dito sa cattleya, maganda kasi hehe pero kruhal so on we go to the next option:

5. club serene (hilltop taytay)
si chevy lang nagbanggit sakin noon ng rate ng club serene and nakalimutan ko na kung magkano pero ang natatandaan ko mas mura siya ng ubir compared to the other resrts na namention ko above. tinry ko i-search sa internet pero some friendster account lang yung natagpuan ko (or tinamad nako maghanap pa) tignan nyo na rin if you want: http://profiles.friendster.com/46280899 keri naman daw yung place ayon sa mga utaw at muril lang. plus factor din ang fact na mas madali siyang puntahan compared to antipolo.

so hanuna friends? san nyo gusto? friend, (yah you na nagababasa nito) patulong naman sa text brig, para maka decide na tayo kung saan at kailan tayo magkikita kita. sana marami makapunta para harpee, hanubanaman yung magkita kita tayo soon, hindi nyo ba namimiss ang isa't isa? ako miss ko na kayo, game reply reply reply!

PS: re: out of town trip...medyo mahal at wala nang oras pagplanuhan so keri nyo lang sa summer na? gusto ko mag beach (or bitch) this summer who's in? para mapagplanuhan / mapagipunan na natin. madami daw magagandang beach (or bitch, hmmm) sa batangas, ano tara?

PPS: ganito gawin natin. TEXT kayo sa 09084041809 (dun na sa smart wag sa globe pleats, puno na inbox ko dun) kung aattack kayo sa party or hindi. para alam ko na kung ilan pupunta. nasa dami ng pupunta nakasalalay yung location natin. mas marami mas keri natin sa mas mahal na loc. kung konti lang ang mangyayari is magcclub serene na lang tayo or magbbahay ng isa satin.or pwede rin tayo sa kalsada...chooovaaa...

friends pag nabasa nyo po tong message na to pakitext na yung friendivates nyo para makausad na tayo. puro lang tayo exchange of emails eh, hehe

hanuna, magtext na kayo for confirmation thanks!!! 

strutting the red carpet in my chucks and jeans

Dec. 1st, 2008 | 03:54 pm

I was at the 22nd PMPC star awards last night, and while everybody donned couture gowns and pretty dresses, I strutted the red carpet  wearing my very fashionable ensemble of bench overhaul pants, chuck taylors and a shirt I unearthed from my mom's closet. I looked more like a PA than part of the production team whose program was nominated in 2 categories.

we were at enchanted kingdom the whole day yesterday (getting on all the rides for free, hehe) doing an ocular for another ML ep, thus the jeans-chucks get up. had I known that we were to attend the star awards that night I would have brought a dress and a pair of heels with me. I remember not wanting to get out of the crew cab last night feeling embarrassed at how I looked. things didn't get any better when we were inside, especially when we saw that everyone were all dolled up wearing dress-to-kill outfits and smiling with lips painted with red lipstick. I remember walking at the red carpet, head bowed, wishing that I was either dressed for the occasion or I was at home watching the star awards on television.

It was kinda embarrassing but it was really really fun. we saw a loooot of TV personalities, took a lot of pictures (of ourselves, hindi nung mga artista, kebs namin sa kanila), screamed in delight when our show was awarded as the best educational program, took a lot of pictures,  congratulated sir kim when he bagged the award as the best educ. program host, took a lot of pictures, snuck out halfway through the program, took a lot of pictures (and vids for the plugs), pigged out at krokodile grill, and yes, took more pictures.

i got home at around 2 in the morning feeling elated and telling myself that yesterday was probably one of the most interesting days in my life. (not as interesting as last Friday though, when I hurt my legs for using the body slender too much and walking from sm marikina to rob metro east just so I could go home. I wrote another blog entry about my friday mayhems which, unfortunately hindi nasave at na publish dito *what's wrong with you multiply?*)

PS: i bought a copy of david cook's album and it is beeeeyooootiiiful! I fell in love with DC all over again...

The Rebuttal

Nov. 4th, 2008 | 02:23 am

So, the PERFECT daughter/sister has spoken huh? In your blog you said you're looking for another sister: somebody who's not a coward, who shows concern for the family, particularly to the older brother and who respects everyone in the family. You have some nerves looking for such a sister. I doubt that you'll ever find one. We are oftentimes given what we deserve. You won't find a perfect sister because you yourself are far from perfect. You're not even close to being a good one.

May I ask you a few questions? Though I;m not really expecting brilliant answers from someone who has a mind as dull as yours. Don't try too hard okay? You've been such a trying hard bitch all your life, aren't you tired?

What is cowardice? Are you a coward if you choose to keep your mouth shut in times of confrontation? Was i a coward for choosing to be silent while I was being harassed by an impertinent and disrespectful person like you? How dull your mind truly is! I wasn't afraid of your sudden outburst. I wasn't startled with your screaming. I actually found it funny, how emotional and overly sensitive you were over a comment I INTENTIONALLY blurted out to spark you anger. You don't get it do you? I got the reaction that i wanted and I, I've won the battle, the moment you came charging at me, screaming at the top of your lungs.

Now that, that was DISRESPECTFUL young lady - attacking a person much older than you are just because you couldn't use the internet (disrespectful and shallow). Have you forgotten the things they taught you in school (and for pete's sakes, you're supposed to be studying in a Catholic university???) - Respect the elderly! it must have slipped off your puny little brain. Tsk,tsk,tsk. Didn't you see how i just looked at you and never said a word about your sudden outburst and your filthy hands pressed forcibly on my cheeks? (I had to wash my face several times, the stench from your hands won't come off. Yuck, you really are filthy.) Sino ngayon satin ang bastos? ako? hahahahahahaha. I beg to disagree.

Yours was "A TALE TOLD BY AN IDIOT, FULL OF SOUNDS AND FURY SIGNIFYING NOTHING." And just as expected, that was the farthest you went: shouting. If I was in your place, and I was really infuriated, I wouldn't waste my energy on mere words. I would've smacked my fists on my opponent's face. Why didn't you hit me? Oh I have an idea, YOU WERE AFRAID - damn scared of what I might do to you if you did. Damn scared of what your father would have done to you if he saw you slap me. So instead of hitting me, you vented your anger by destroying my cellphones, and damaging my books. The horrendous cracks in the housing, the sudden SIM lock, my books' ripped covers. Don't deny it anymore. Who else could have done it? My brother? He was asleep. Mom? She won't do something silly. Your dad? He may be favoring you more but he's not as cheap as that. The maid? She had no access to the room. The cats? The dog? Who else could have done it huh? The next time you do something as cheap and as stupid as that, make sure you have a decent alibi okay?

Oh, I also heard that you were talking about concern for the family. Well. let me ask you this: are you more loving just because you whip up cups of coffee for your brother? Are you a better sister just because you've done more favors for your brother? Haven't you thought about this: that the reason you've done more favors for him is because when he wants something done, he asks for your favor and not mine. So mas may malasakit ka kasi ikaw yung laging inuutusan? What kind of twisted logic is that? And how dare you use such shallow criteria for judging my concern for my brother or this family! But then again, YOU ARE A SHALLOW PERSON, and so I rest my case. (Oh and don't you tell me that you were showing concern when you chose to sleep in the hospital room and not in your dorm room when I was hospitalized a few months back. If I know, you were only after the comforts of sleeping in an air conditioned room! You call that concern?!? Jeez!!!)

You think of yourself highly don't you? Well, let me tell you something: Don't go look for a better sister because YOU DON'T DESERVE ONE! And instead of calling people's attention to the speck of dirt on their faces, why don't you wipe off that splatter of mud on your filthy face?!?!? Grow up will you?!?!

PS: to the person who happens to be my dad: thanks for making me realize that I'm so sick and tired of being least loved. If I wasn't hospitalized, I wouldn't have felt that I also mattered to you. But what the heck, I don't give a damn anymore. Go ahead and have a freaking date with your only daughter. Spoil that bitch all you want, I don't care. I have one last favor to ask though, just leave me alone.


Nov. 1st, 2008 | 08:09 am

the third world war starts now


Oct. 25th, 2008 | 08:57 am

"The goal of life is not to eliminate misery, it's to keep misery at a minimum. Someone's gonna be miserable sometime, accept it...that's how i stay happy. You're good, don't screw it up just because you're miserable." - Dr. Gregory House, House Season 4 

an exhausted body and a rejuvenated spirit

Sep. 5th, 2008 | 10:45 pm

"The God who spoke still speaks. The God who forgave still forgives. The God who came still comes. He comes into our world. He comes into your world. He comes to do what you can't. He comes to move the stones you can't budge.
Stones are no match for God. Not then and not now. He still moves stones." - Max Lucado

it's far from over

Sep. 4th, 2008 | 11:51 am

and i am so scared... 

though shall not take your body for granted

Aug. 30th, 2008 | 06:29 am

You do pay a price when you don’t take care of your body. What started out as urinary tract infection during my pre-employment medical exam turned into a kidney infection called acute pyelonephritis. The cure for the disease is antibiotics, but my infection was so grave, I had to undergo dialysis twice.

It started more than 2 months ago, I was diagnosed with UTI after undergoing the pre-employment medical exam for ABS-CBN. My concern back then wasn’t really my health. I was more concerned about being cleared so that I could finish all my requirements and finally get my salary. I took the antibiotics that the doctors gave me, had a repeat urinalysis and was finally given a medical clearance. Now the clearance didn’t really mean that I was completely cleared of my urinary tract infection. The doctor in ABS-CBN’s clinic gave me strict instructions to take another round of antibiotics. But since I was already given the medical clearance, I didn’t really pay much attention to the UTI. I didn’t take any antibiotics.

Last August 16, I noticed a stinging sensation whenever I peed, particularly during the beginning and towards the end of the peeing process. And I noticed that I peed more frequently than I did before. On August 17, While watching a movie with my family, I felt the urge to pee every 5 minutes or so. Pabalik-baliki ako sa banyo, I wasn’t able to enjoy the movie anymore.

Come Monday, August 18, I already had a slight fever. I decided not to go to work that day. I was on antibiotics, the one prescribed by the doctor in ABS-CBN. I was really positive; I felt that I was going to get better soon. I wanted to go back to work at around Wednesday.

But my condition wasn’t getting any better. By Tuesday, I’ve already stopped eating. My fever shot up to around 39.5 degrees. All I could take in were liquids. I was brought to the family doctor. He changed my antibiotics to another kind with a higher level of potency. No use. By Wednesday early morning, I was already vomiting. I also had diarrhea. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t drink. My tummy was empty but I was still vomiting and defecating. I was so dehydrated. My mom said I looked like the living dead. They folks decided to rush me to the hospital.

I really had a bad luck that day. On the way to the hospital, my dad suddenly realized that he brought the wrong car. It was a Wednesday and the car’s plate number ended with a 6. Color coding! It was only 6:30 in the evening so the car wasn’t supposed to be out on the street yet. Dad made a quick turn and parked the car in front of Arcadia subdivision. We had to wait for like 30minutes. Meanwhile, I was vomiting whatever liquid was left in my already dehydrated body.

We arrived at the UST hospital at around 7:30pm. I was brought to the emergency room, was hydrated through IV, and underwent a series of tests. The most memorable would be the CT scan. For the scan to be clear, you have to have a full bladder. Not really a problem, except that I throw up every time I try to eat or drink anything. (Yep, even water.) The CT scan technician wouldn’t want to do the scan unless I had a full bladder, and for that to happen, I had to drink at least a liter of water. Of course I wasn’t able to finish one liter. Whenever I tried to drink, I vomited. Damn, it was horrible.  Naawa naman daw yung technician sakin. He did the scan kahit hindi ganun ka-full yung bladder ko. My urethra was clear, no stones or obstructions of any sort. They ruled out kidney stones.

During the CBC test, the doctors found out that my creatinin level was 5 - a level so alarmingly high, the panic showed in their faces. (the normal level is 1.2, mine was 5 times higher than usual) Creatinin is a poison, a waste product of protein that is supposed to be disposed of by the kidney. I also had protein in my urine, which isn’t supposed to be happening. Apparently, my kidney was not functioning the way that it was supposed to be functioning – thus the diagnosis: acute pylo nephritis, a kidney infection that lead to kidney malfunction…

My first night in the hospital was horrible. They administered 100mg of antibiotics through IV. I had stomach spasms so atrocious that pain killers couldn’t do anything to alleviate the pain. I screamed in pain and literally cried myself to sleep.

A team of Nephrologists introduced themselves to us the following day (Thursday). My attending physician, Dra. Comes explained what was happening to my kidney. Acute pyelonephritis is a kidney infeiction that scars the kidney in every infection. If not corrected, it may lead to significant damage to the kidney or even kidney failure. In really grave cases, it could also lead to sepsis and multiorgan system failure. That’s why they also did a blood test that had something to do with the pulmonary department. They just wanted to see if my infection already caused some kind of sepsis. Thank God it didn’t go to that extent.

Another 100mg of antibiotics was administered through IV that same morning. I went through another CBC test and the result showed that I wasn’t getting any better. My crea level went up from 5 to 5.5. It was inevitable; I had to undergo emergency hemodialysis that same afternoon.

When the doctor told me about the dialysis, I looked at my mom, teary-eyed. All she said was, “we have no choice, let’s push through with it”. After the doctors left, I bawled out: “but I’m only 21 ma...” I’m not sure if it was the dialysis that I was afraid of or if it was the minor operation that scared me to death. I really didn’t fancy the idea of lying in an operating table, with my neck being cut open and a tube pushed inside my jugular vein. Well, I also didn’t like the idea of blood being sipped out of my body, cleaned by a machine and pumped back into my body. I was really scared, the worst part was, I didn’t have anybody to talk to. I left my globe phone at home and all of my friends’ numbers are saved there. I was so scared; I desperately needed to talk to somebody.

And then I remembered that during the previous week, I used my smart number to call up Eugene. I informed him about my situation, and the dialysis that I had to undergo that afternoon. I was expecting an oh-my-gosh-sige-we’ll-include-you-in-our-prayers reply. What I got instead was a candid and cheerful reply, something like: “nakalimutan mong birthday ko kahapon hindi moko binati, tsaka kaya mo yang dialysis”. I laughed upon reading the reply, God really has a way of cheering you up. I was already down in the dumps because of my condition and God knew that the last thing I needed was a panicky reply from a friend. Thank God for Eugene. Somehow, his positive attitude rubbed on me and I found myself less scared.

I was awake during the operation, it was a minor operation, just a small incision through the neck so they didn’t need to put me to sleep.  I hardly felt it. Last thing I felt was the cold antiseptic being sprayed on my neck, before I knew it, the tube was already inserted through my jugular vein. I did feel the prick of the needle though, when they stitched the sides of the incision. But that pain was bearable, they’ve been sticking needles on my hands and arms ever since I got confined (for the IV and the blood tests). I had to lie on the operating table for another 30 minutes. A portable x-ray machine was brought in and they just checked if the tube was indeed properly inserted. After that, I was brought outside the operating room and had to wait for another 30minutes or so before I was brought down to the dialysis ward.

My first dialysis session lasted for about 2 hours. Time went by sooo slow. I couldn’t move. I simply lay in bed and stared at the ceiling listening to the sounds of the dialysis ward - the constant humming of the machines, the beeping sounds, other patients munching on snacks and sweets (you’re free to eat anything you want since your blood is being cleansed naman), the nurses’ footsteps and voices of varying pitch. The place smelled of antiseptic and sickness. Around me were old people, some in their 50s, and others in their 70s or probably 80s. I was the youngest in the ward.

When you’re undergoing dialysis, sobrang haba ng 2 oras. One could not imagine how relieved I was when it was finally over. I was brought to my room afterwards. That night, the Lucases came to visit, so did my office mates. I was soo happy to see cheerful faces in my room that night, it made everything a little easier to bear…

I had fever that night, and nightmares too, probably an effect of the dialysis. My mom said that I was talking in my sleep, I was saying something like “alisin nyo yan, yung ibang breed ng aso...”. I was actually having a dream about dogs. I also woke up in the middle of the night and didn’t want to go back to sleep. I was afraid daw that my snoring would cause my catheter to pop out of my neck. And when some nursing students came to check my vitals (blood pressure, temperature and all) I looked at them daw with frightened eyes, whimpered and covered my face with my hands. I also mistook the madonna and child painting in my room as the anubis. Needless to say, I had a tough night, but I fell asleep anyway. When I woke up the following day, I was so exhausted.

My crea level dropped from 5.5 to 2.9 after the first dialysis, but li’l old kidney still needed help so off I go to the dialysis ward for my second dialysis. The second round lasted for about 4 hours. I slept through it but would occasionally wake up and complain about having chills. I already had 2 blankets wrapped around me but I still felt cold. In the end, they decided to put an incandescent lamp over me just so I would feel warm. Para akong itlog na nililimliman, feeling ko nasa loob ako ng incubator.

After the second dialysis my crea level went down to 2. The doctors decided to keep me under observation for several days and see if my crea level would go down further without dialysis. I was still on antibiotics, but this time, I took it orally. I recovered from all the vomiting although I still had feats of diarrhea. But my appetite was back, the sad part though is that all I could eat was the food served by the hospital. So while my family shared KFC buckets, inihaw treats from Reyes BBQ and value meals from McDo, there I was “feasting” on bland, and weird tasting hospital food.

I was surprised at how disciplined I was. My mom would occasionally offer to feed me a slice of cake or a bite of grilled tuna but I insisted on eating only what was served by the hospital. I wanted to get better as soon as possible. I wanted to get out of the hospital.

It’s not because I wasn’t treated well, the nurses and doctors were actually very very nice. And they regularly came to see if my condition was improving. It’s just that we’ve been in the hospital for days already and aside from the fact that I was bored to death, I was concerned about the hospital bill. This hospitalization cost me my car (Ouch!). What’s worse is that my sister decided not to push through with her Hongkong trip anymore. I really felt ashamed of being ill. My condition worsened because of my negligence. Had I taken those antibiotics earlier, I wouldn’t have ended up in a hospital bed with a tube stuck inside my throat.

It was already Friday, when I realized that I also had Dan’s number in my phone, I texted him to tell him that I was about to undergo my second dialysis. The news spread after that. I got to inform my high school friends on Saturday. The succeeding days were spent entertaining visitors in my very fashionable hospital gown (na butas sa likod, keri nyo yun?), all the while being monitored by the doctors for signs of improvement. When my crea went down to 1.6, I was finally allowed to go home. The doctor told me to resst for one week at home (Good luck sakin, sana may trabaho pakong babalkikan. Three weeks absent nako!). The dietician told me to stick to a diet of fish and chicken breast plus lots and lots of veggies and fruits. I’m not allowed to eat any processed food like hotdogs, tocino, tapa, etc, and canned goods like corned beef and luncheon meat. I can’t eat red meat, or fish with no kaliskis (think: tuna, pampano). Bawal na rin ang isaw, bawal na condiments, bawal na cup noodles, the worst part – bawal na coke forever! My mom makes sure that my food is more bland than the food served to the rest of the family – no broths cubes, no condiments, no ajinomoto, no nothing, just a little (and may I stress on the word little) salt, that’s it.

Sometimes I wish I was sick of something else, typhoid fever kunwari. Kasi when you get better,  you could eat anything you want na. This kidney illness is really frustrating, I mean I’ve always looooooved condiments, I want my food to have this “alsado” flavor. Plus I love tocino and hotdog and longganisa and other processed food. My favorite sandwich is luncheon meat sandwich and coke, my gosh I looooooooooove coke! Gosh, it really is depressing.

But hey, I need to recover 100% and when I finally do, there’s no way that i’m gonna mess up my kidneys again. I don’t wanna live on dialysis. I don’t want to have a tube forever stuck on my neck or my arm. Please, no more dialysis.

So what good did I get from all these? I felt loved. So loved it overwhelmed me, humbled me even. The entire experience became bearable thanks to the love and support that I got from my family, from our relatives and my friends.

I would forever be grateful to my family who supported me all the way. Imagine, I was in the hospital for a week and in all the nights that I spent there, I was with my dad and mum and sister. My sister lives in a dorm just outside UST but instead of choosing the comfort of her own bed in her own room, she chose to sleep in a hospital bed just so she could be with me and the rest of the family. My dad, on the other hand, would go directly to the hospital after work and sleep there. He’d wake up at 5 in the morning, rush to Taytay to get dressed and then head for work. My mom never went home, she was with me all the time, doing things for me, especially during those times that I could barely move and would just sit in the hospital bed.  They also had to put up with all of my complaints, like during the first night when I had terrible stomach spasms or those several times when I would complain of neck pains and head aches. My older brother couldn’t stay in the hospital because he had to work but he offered to apply for a loan to augment part of the hospital bill. My dad didn’t agree on that of course, but just the thought that he was willing to do that for me and for the family made me shed tears. My relatives were equally loving. My London-based cousin ate Elaine cried when she found out that I was hospitalized, and even sent some money to help pay off the hospital bill. My parents didn’t agree on this but she was very persistent. Even my cousin, kuya carlo was bothered that I was undergoing dialysis. We’re not really close but he was so bothered it showed in his face when they came to visit Friday morning. My aunts and uncles and cousins from both the Lana and Agnote clans were all worried about me, they visited, sent text messages of support and called up just to say hi. I received an equal amount of love from my friends.  Somehow I felt lucky to have been sick because I got to see my friends again - friends from high school, from college, and from the community - those I haven’t seen in months or even years.

Each time my family did things for me or assured me that everything would be all right, I was humbled. Each time I had visitors or each time I received text messages or calls, I was humbled. Each time a group of nurses or doctors would barge in the room armed with their ever cheerful faces, I was humbled. If there was something good that happened in all these, it was that I experienced love in its truest, purest form. It was as though God was channeling all His love through the people around me enveloping me with a love so great it made me wanna cry. It was something that I didn’t deserve but was freely given to me. It never fails... God’s love really humbles me every time.